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Die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Klasse 7d haben im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts einen englischsprachigen Text über das GBG verfasst, der ab sofort auf unserer Homepage veröffentlicht wird und nicht-deutschsprachigen Interessierten, die sich über unsere Schule informieren möchten, einen ersten Überblick über das GBG gibt. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Stefan Rauschenberg

Welcome to our website and to our school. We are happy that you want to browse for information about school life and activities at Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium, Kaarst. Let us first of all introduce ourselves.

At the moment, we are 760 students and 61 teachers. Our school was founded in 1974, and the building we are learning in was built in 1978. It is surrounded by lawns, trees, bushes and huge playgrounds. We have got lots of special rooms and facilities, for example an assembly hall, two computer rooms, a habitat, a laboratory and a gym.

As a school we particularly focus on individualised learning methods. We can revise for tests and must do tasks which we can choose. It is also very important to us that we effectively and successfully work together with our students and their parents. Our motto is “Gemeinsam Bildung gestalten”, which means that we all work together to have the best education and make the most of our school life.

Let us now go into more detail and show you what we offer as curricular and extracurricular activities.

We offer modern language classes in English, French and Spanish, and you can also study Latin at our school. English starts in Year 5, French / Latin in Year 7 (and sometimes also in Year 9) and Spanish in Year 11. Two very popular science and maths activities are competitions in math, called “Känguruhwettbewerb”, and in chemistry, called “Chemieolympiade”. We also have social sciences activities, such as, for instance, Say NO to racism! and activities in and around the city of Kaarst. Our students are very sporty, too – for example, the P.E. department offers football, volleyball and badminton competitions. Finally, students interested in religious studies can benefit from different school services and a special room for prayers, called “Raum der Stille”.

As a school, GBG is committed to support and help its students as best as possible in an individualised way. Our principle says that we support our students in their individual ways of learning. To put that into practice, our students can, for example, take part in extracurricular activities like elective subjects, clubs and individual classes. Very talented pupils can do a project, prepare for a language certificate, make music in the orchestra or choir or take part in different competitions. Teachers also actively support their students. They plan lessons in a way that supports learning individually. Older students (from Year 9 on) can help younger pupils who aren’t good at some subjects. The project is called “Schüler helfen Schülern”, which is “Pupils help and support other pupils” in English.

Learning modern languages is the key to understanding foreign cultures. Therefore, one of the most important concepts of GBG is the modern languages curriculum. It tells people about the different language activities at our school. The English department, for example, offers performances by The White Horse Theatre for pupils from Years 5 to 8, runs an exchange with a British school (Clayesmore Senior School) and supports students who want to spend some months or a year abroad in Year 11. Students can also take part in other school exchanges. There are exchanges with schools in France (every year for pupils from Year 8) and Spain (every other year for pupils from Years 10 and 11).

Our school is named after Georg Büchner, who was an author, scientist and revolutionary who fought for his democratic beliefs in a brave, bold and passionate way. That is why Georg Büchner as a person and his attitudes and beliefs are also important for our community. Culture is very important for us because our role model Georg Büchner was a person that shaped culture – our school has a cultural branch, too. The literature, art, music and PE (dance, aerobics) departments contribute to cultural education at GBG. We also offer a school choir and orchestra for students who are interested in music and singing.

Our school offers a lot more than the activities we have just introduced. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium, Kaarst

(written by: the students from tutor group 7d (2018/19))